"I hope you enjoy these videos that include concert footage from some very special shows as well as some simple home footage I thought other guitarists might appreciate. I love creating music and attempting to capture those special moments on camera. I hope you enjoy these and I'll keep posting more as time goes by." -Jeff

Chava's Song
"Chava's song", composed by Michael Hedges, was originally recorded & performed as a duet on harp guitar and piano for Michael's album "Taproot".

Jeff Titus arranged Michael's haunting tune for solo harp guitar and recorded it as part of his debut solo album "Wood Dragon" with permission from Naked Ear Music (BMI).

"Silent Return" follows "Chava's Song" on Jeff's album and is simply an extension of the emotional connection to Michael's composition.


Harp Guitar Heroes
Jeff is honored to have been included alongside Muriel Anderson, Andy Wahlberg, David and Tone Powell (Rex James Bros.) as part of a sweet little mini-documentary about harp guitars filmed by Alden Morgan during last year's 6th Annual Harp Guitar Gathering in Lake Oswego, OR

This video was captured during a sold-out show with Jeff and Michael Manring on April 13, 2007 at Larkspur Cafe Theatre in Larkspur, CA.
Chava's Song was written by Michael Hedges and included as a harp guitar / piano duet on his album "Taproot". According to Manring, he and Hedges had at one time worked this out as a duet for harp guitar and electric bass (prior to its recording as part of Taproot).
Gregg Miner is accompanies Jeff on the title tune of Wood Dragon playing a 21-string Chinese instrument called the "gu zheng" from a sold-out concert in Larkspur, CA - April 13th, 2007.