Born in Massachusetts, at a very early age Jeff picked-up his mother’s ukelele and started strumming just to accompany her beautiful singing voice. While Jeff desperately wanted to play the banjo, his mother suggested he learn the guitar first... and so began Jeff’s self-instruction on the instrument. Early-on he worked-out simple fingerpicking compositions of his own, keeping his guitar playing to himself for the most part.

During his high school years, Jeff played bass in a series of hard rockin’ bands that took influence from such groups as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Deep Purple. The heartfelt, sweet and mellow guitar compositions he was writing in private at that same time showed signs of his burgeoning individual style, better suited for a solo acoustic performance.

It wasn’t until his mid 20’s that he considered himself a “guitarist” and decided to study Classical guitar with Ronald Pearl (Gray/Pearl Duo). This opened-up the world of music notation to Jeff, leading him through a vast library of influences that continues to extend much of what he’s taught himself over the years.