Together Alone - Harp Guitar and Piano Duets Brad Hoyt's new recording featuring guests Muriel Anderson, John Doan, Antoine Dufour, Don Alder, Jeff Titus, Stacy Hobbs, Mike Doolin, Carter Lancaster, Pete Bradshaw and Gregg Miner is available now at Needless to say, I am honored to be included with all of these amazing guitarists!

Harp Guitar Heroes - Mini-Documentary: Jeff is featured in a sweet little mini-documentary about harp guitars filmed by Alden Morgan during the 6th Annual Harp Guitar Gathering in Lake Oswego, OR... Harp Guitar Heroes

Debut Album - Wood Dragon: This album represents Jeff at his best with some very special guest players... read more

Fred Carlson - Beyond The Trees: If you haven't seen Fred's other amazing instrumental creations, you have to stop-in and visit with Fred at his website...

Compilation Album - Harp Guitar Dreams: Jeff's tune "Mahjabeen" is included on a beautiful compilation of harp guitar music featuring world-class players including Muriel Anderson, John Doan, Andy Wahlberg, Andy McKee, Don Alder, Carter Lancaster, Tim Donahue, Tom Shinness, Dan LaVoie, Gregg Miner, Pete Bradshaw, and Jeff's friend and musical mentor Alex de Grassi!... More info at Harp Guitar Music

Jeff on YouTube and more...

Videos of various performances, old and new.

I've tried to capture video at my shows or at home with the intention of sharing what I consider "special moments" in my musical development.

I'd love to hear any thoughts on these videos... what tunes you'd like to see, anything you'd like to know about technique or tips you have for improving them.

More videos of Jeff here...
Wood Dragon
After releasing the tunes "Wood Dragon", "Ashes", "Keep Me Wey Ting" and "Padanaram" on the now out of print demo CD "Tour 2002", it took 5 more years to release a collection of 12 tunes that work together as an album.