In 1998, shortly after the tragic car crash that took the life of Jeff’s all-time favorite guitarist Michael Hedges, Jeff met Fred Carlson at an Alex de Grassi concert. Fred’s incredible 18-string sympitar design for Alex inspired Jeff to request that Fred build him an instrument dedicated to Michael’s memory... the world’s first Harp Sympitar. It took a few years, until 2001, for construction to begin. 11 months after he started, Fred had created a masterpiece... “Oracle”.

Indian Rosewood, Walnut, Burled Maple and an Ebony fretboard support the flowing design based on Michael Hedges’ spiral motif logo. Each of the top strings has its own midi-enabled RMC pickup and the sympathetic strings are suspended above a custom-designed jawari piezo bridge assembly.

When Jeff is playing this instrument, he often falls into a dream-like state and occasionally he says that “the instrument seems to gather a crowd, even in an empty room”.

You can make of that what you like... but the Oracle demands attention.